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  • About- Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology

     Liaoning Institute of Science and Technology(LNIST), founded in 1948, is a provincial general undergraduate institution that mainly focuses on engineering programs, covering engineering, management, literature, arts, education, etc. The school always adheres to the orientation of “application, local, industry and internationalization” and vigorously carries out foreign cooperation and exchanges and international education.

The institute is located in Shenxi New Town, Liaoning province, 20 kilometers away from Shenyang Taoxian international airport. The excellent geographical location and unique school environment provide an inexhaustible impetus for the development of the school. The school has a faculty absorbed in research and devoting themselves to education, advanced teaching equipment, scientific research equipment and a rich library collection. The distinctive school characteristics and the strong academic atmosphere have created a good learning and employment platform for the students. The employment rate of graduates has always been at the forefront of provincial universities in recent years.

Dear friendsLiaoning Institute of Science and Technology is a quiet and elegant knowledge hall and a charming tertiary institution. We will invite friends from home and abroad to visit our campus for study, exchange and cooperation with the broad mind of the sea. Let’s join hands together to paint a colorful picture of human civilization.

A successful life stems from every successful choice. Make a dream in LNIST and then chase the dream of the world. We believe, by choosing LNIST, you will definitely fulfill your dreams with flying wings.

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