Bachelor Degree Program||Computer Science and Technology

  • Bachelor Degree Program||Computer Science and Technology

This program aims at training students to adapt to local social and economic development needs, computer science and technical expertise to master the basic theory and professional knowledge.

This program requires students to familiar with basic knowledge of computer software, hardware system and application environments, master computer system analysis, and design basic methods.

Letting students to engage in computer software, network and maintenance capabilities, with new technology research in computer design and development capabilities.

The graduates of Computer Engineering specialty need to have a strong ability to engage in the analysis and design of algorithm and program, the analysis, design, management and maintenance of database system, the development of website, enterprise information system and mobile internet applications.

Main courses:
Discrete Mathematics, C Programming, Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis, Digital Circuits, Algorithm and Data Structure, Data Structure Project, Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Architecture, Operating System, Object Oriented Programming and Java, Principles of Database System, Web Programming, Microcontroller’s Principle and Applications, Software Engineering, Android Mobile Programming, etc.

Entry Requirements:
Academic Requirement: High School Degree
HSK Requirement: No

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